Thursday, 28 August 2014

A Couple Of New Novelty Toilet Seats

We've added a couple of fun toilet seats from Wenko to add even more colour to our Novelty Toilet Seat range (as if it wasn't colourful enough already!)
The latest seats feature a multi coloured Lips design and a pink furry Monster design. Both seats are fitted with stainless steel (rust free) hinges.
We reckon they'll be especially popular in kids bathrooms although we hope they'll appeal to anyone young at heart.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Narrow Towel Racks

It's been mentioned that our towel racks have been too wide for some customers.
This has been proven when some have been returned with the customer stating they're too wide, didn't fit etc.
Well hopefully the introduction of Narrow towel racks by Bathroom Origins that are approx. 45cm wide will not only fill a gap (a small gap that is) but also add good sterling value as they are at a  premium price level .
These racks are 45cm wide - that's about 15cm narrower than most so will cut the space required by up to 25%.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hotellerie Division

We're planning to expand the multi pack options aimed at the hotel industry.
The latest offering is a pack of 3 extra wide shower curtains.
The pack price equates to a cost of under £8 per curtain (including VAT) and in addition to being an extra wide 240cm curtain, these are made from pvc so are totally waterproof and easy to keep clean.
Typical customers will be small hotels, guest houses and some bed & breakfast hotels.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Trade Packs

I guess that many customers who buy single items are individual consumers but the great majority of customers who buy more than one are trade users of some sort - anything from a hotel cum B&B through to developers or property managers.
To appeal to these customers, we are going to be introducing trade packs giving big discounts on additional products.
Our first offer is a trade pack of extra long shower curtains. It contains 2 curtains where the second costs only £6 which is less than half the singles cost.
The problem that I have to deal with is how to sell it as it is bland and doesn't stand out from regular products.
Something for Martin tomorrow!

Sunday, 29 June 2014

2014 Plans For Ziggiziggi

Our plans for ziggiziggi during 2014 are evolving...we will be cutting  back on peripheral product areas such as kids & home products to concentrate on bathrooms and kitchens (although not exclusively).
Part of this concentration will see much more expensive, aspirational products such as the Swarovski crystal range mentioned a few weeks ago.
The thought process behind this is to create a brand which customers want to be part of - Even if they can't afford the most expensive offerings, they'll want to buy into the style &  design that Ziggiziggi offers.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Very Romantic Shower Curtain

Our new Amour shower curtain by Ridder is definitely one for romantics.
With love written all over it in 3 different languages (literally) and then dotted with little red hearts, it gives a lovely look (or is that a lovers look) to your shower with a colour scheme particularly suited to either red or white bathroom themes.
And of course coming from Ridder it is a quality product made from 100% polyester and is generously sized to suit both standard and slightly larger showers or bathrooms.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I've done nothing for 3 weeks

Can't believe I have been so busy working on other projects that I haven't done anything on ziggi for nearly 3 new poducts,  no blog posts, nothing on the company site or its blog.
Well today I'm back on things and I've been busy adding the new S8 series of Swarovski crystal bathroom accessories made by Sonia of Spain and distributed by Bathroom Origins (one of nicest and best suppliers).
They're blingy and in your face so ideal for someone with lots of money who likes to show off a bit.
It wouldn't be hard to spend £1000 just on the bathroom accessories and that's not including the bath or shower!